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Hot Shop FAQ


Can I be successful at a “Make Your Own” class if I have no knowledge or experience? Yes. It is a basic introductory class and, before you begin, a detailed description of the process will be explained, as well as demonstrations of each item you will be able to choose from. It is recommended that you research glassblowing (i.e. youtube videos) to gain a basic understanding of glassblowing so the process will not be as foreign the day of your class.


What will I have to specifically do in the “Make Your Own” class? The paperweight, globe, and flower each have a different process which is why we demonstrate each piece first to show you what you will be doing. You will choose your colors and assist the instructor according to your capabilities (i.e. using tools to sculpt, blowing air into the blow pipe, taking heats, etc.) You may take a more active or passive role based on your physical ability or comfort level.


Can children take the “Make Your Own” class? We require that children be at least 8 years of age because it takes extreme focus & understanding of multiple concepts.


Should I bring anything to my class?  Closed-toe shoes are required. 100% Cotton clothing is preferred, and any synthetic materials are not recommended. You are welcome to bring your own sunglasses for eye protection, but safety glasses are provided.


Can we take pictures in the Hot Shop? Of course! We encourage pictures & always appreciate when you tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram.


Can I make a jellyfish, turtle, or any other glass item sold in the gallery? All of the pieces we have in our shop have taken the glassblowers years to learn how to make, so they are not something we can offer for the “Make Your Own” class. The object of the class is to *experience* glassblowing with lots of help from a highly skilled glassblower (because it is not something that can easily be done in the first few attempts- it takes years to build the skills required to pull off even the simplest pieces.) Therefore, no one should try to replicate an exact piece or design as all glass items turn out uniquely different even for an experienced glassblower- which is part of the beauty of this art form.


Can I design my own piece or bring something to incorporate into my paperweight, flower, or ornament? No. We cannot incorporate any other material into the glass because it will cool at a different rate which will cause stress cracks and/or breakage.


What time should I arrive? Appointments are set for 9 a.m. Monday-Friday, and we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment.



*Cancellation Policy*

For “Make Your Own” classes or hourly rental we ask for 48 hour notice for reschedule or cancelation. All appointments are held with a credit card. For no shows or day-of cancellations, we will charge your credit card for the total class amount.