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 "Make your own"


 Class sessions available at

9:00 a.m. Mon.-Fri.

Session fee:  $75 per person

Includes 30 minute live glass- blowing demonstration of ornament, flower and paperweight  by our resident artists.  Then choose which one you would like to create yourself! Classes last up to 2.5 hours.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Class space is limited.  We hold reservations with a credit card.  If you do not attend, and we do not receive notice of cancellation from you by 4:00pm the day prior to a class, you will be charged a fee of $75 per person

Collage of glass art created at the Hot Shop

Glass Blown Ornament        

Blow Your Own Ornament

Our resident artist will assist you in creating a magnificient ornament!  This is a fun way to experience glassblowing for the very first time.

Glass blown flower        

Sculpt Your Own Flower

Make a beautiful flower with our resident artist.
You will choose two colors and manipulate the molten glass to
form a gorgeous lily-shaped flower.
Glass Blown Paperweight     

Sculpt Your Own Paperweight

Make a stunning paperweight with our resident glass artist.
You can choose your colors and manipulate the molten glass to
form a magnificent paperweight for everyday use.



Glass blowing instruction


Glass Blowing  Class

$150 per hour, per person

(Minimum Age 8)

 Building on the skills learned in Make Your Own classes, students will learn how to gather glass out of the furnace and reheat it.

With ample instruction, students will make blown vessels from start to finish. Students will make approximately 2 to 3 pieces of beautiful glass art in this course. The artist will customize each class to meet the expectations of the student.

*Remember that your glass must slowly cool in the annealer for 24 hours

before you take it home.

The Arts Center offers shipping for those who are unable to return in 24 hours.